In this section you will find a comprehensive list of of the remixes I have completed for various labels over the years. As with the ORIGINAL WORK section, the titles are colour coded to reflect Brisk Hardcore remixes on Next Generation Records, Blatant Beats with any Hardcore remixes on external labels listed in blue.


The Stimulant DJs remixes cater for the Hard Dance sound including Hard Trance, Hard House and Hard Style.




Equinox – Immure (Stimulant DJs remix)
Tidy Trax (TIDYGOLD01)



Ham & DMO – Every Single Day (Brisk & Vagabond remix)
Next Generation Records (NG081AA)



Eclipse ft. Lisa Marie – Hearts Desire (Brisk & Vagabond mix)
Next Generation Records (NG075A)

Brisk & Ham ft. Lisa Marie – Into Your Arms (Brisk & Vagabond mix)
Next Generation Records (NG070)

Brisk & Ham ft. Lisa Marie – Your Angel (Brisk & Vagabond mix)
Next Generation Records (NG069)

Audiolush – Take Me Away (Brisk & Vagabond remix)
Turbulence Hardcore (THC008)

DJ Ozawa – Wish (Stimulant DJs remix)
Tokuma Japan Communications (TKCA-73177)




Adam Harris – My Star (Brisk & Vagabond remix)
Next Generation Records (NG064)

Fracus – Mirage (Brisk & Ham remix)
Next Generation Records (NG056)

Human Resource – Domintor (Brisk & Ham remix)
Next Generation Records (NG053)

MC Keyes – Take A Chance (Brisk & Vagabond remix)
Blatant Beats (BB067A)

Ben Xtreme & MC Ortie – Looking Down (Brisk & Vagabond remix)

Blatant Beats (BB065A)

Heaven-7 – Speak Of Love (Brisk & Vagabond remix)
Definitive Dance (DD009)



Brisk – Airhead (Brisk & Vagabond remix)
Kniteforce Again (KFA025)



**No remixes to report. If you know otherwise, please contact us!


**No remixes to report. If you know otherwise, please contact us!


Jez & Charlie – It's About Music (Stimulant DJs remix)
Tidy Trax (TIDY174T)

Signum – What Ya Got 4 Me? (Stimulant DJs remix)
Tidy Trax (TIDY163T)

Kernzy & Klemenza – Don't Be Afraid (Stimulant DJs remix)
Vacuum Records (VAC011)


Flip & Fill – Shooting Star (Stimulant DJs remix)
All Around The World (12GLOBE258)

Ajax Vs. Krash – Breakadawn (Stimulant DJs remix)
Dinky (DINK063)



Midas – Can't Stop (myself) – (Brisk remix)
Hecttech Records (HTSE006)

Justin Bourne – Time Is Up (Stimulant DJs remix)
Kaktai (KTI017)


Heaven's Cry – Til Tears Do Us Part (Stimulant DJs remix)
Tidy Trax (TIDY158T2)

Mark Kavanagh Vs Mr. Bishi – Da Flava (Stimulant DJs remix)
Babydoll Records (MM001)

A Project – The Fantasy (Stimulant DJs remix)
Honey Pot Recordings (12HPOT10PT2)

Dave Holmes – Devotion (Stimulant DJs remix)
Tidy Trax (TIDY154T)

Ingo presents Phat Controller – Close Attention (Stimulant DJs remix)
Vacuum Records (VAC03)

Chris C – Freefall (Stimulant DJs remix)
Mohawk Records (AMOK022Y)



E-Logic – Run To Me (Brisk remix)
Inifinity Recordings (INFTY014)

Stompy – Come & Follow Me (Brisk remix)
Hecttech Records (HTSE003)

Dyewitness – Observing The Earth (Stimulant DJs remix)
Tidy Trax (TIDY143T)

Hyperlogic – Only Me (Stimulant DJs remix)
Tidy Trax (TIDYM11)

N-Fluence – Interrupted Journey (Stimulant DJs remix)
Polar State (POL7006)


Sugarnova – Over & Over (Stimulant DJs remix)
Shivanova (SNPP0190)



Bang! – Give Me A Reason (Brisk remix)
Next Generation Records (NG022AA)

Bang! – Hyperspace (Brisky's Banging mix)
Next Generation Records (NG021A)

Northern Lights – Love Of My Life (Brisk remix)
Next Generation Records (NG019AA)

Triple J – Wonderful World (Brisk remix)
Just Another Label (JAL041)

DJ Seduction & Eruption – Bust A New Jam (Brisk remix)
United Dance Recordings (UDR001)

DJ Seduction – Step To The Side (Brisk remix)
United Dance Recordings (UDR001)

Unknown – Set Free (Brisk remix)
Hecttech Records (HTSE001)

DJ Demo – Magic Touch (Brisk remix)
Vital Elements (VE009)

Frisky ft. Danielle – Clearly Now (Brisk remix)
Faze Freak Records (FAZE1)

DJ Breeze & Micky Skeedale – Your Love Hits Me (Brisk remix)
Infinity Recordings (INFTY016)

The Generator – Where Are You Now? (Stimulant DJs remix)
Tidy Trax (TIDY130T)



Bang! – Break Of Dawn (Brisk & Ham remix)
Next Generation Records (NG017A)

Bang! – Break Of Dawn (Brisk remix)
Next Generation Records (NG017AA)


Fabulous Faber – Better Day (Brisk remix)
Next Generation Records (NG015AA)

2 Damn Tuff – Live @ Liverpool (Brisk & Ham remix)
Next Generation Records (NG014AA)

Force & Styles – Shining Down (Brisk remix)
Next Generation Records (NG011A)

Ultrasonic – Bust That Groove (Brisk remix)
Ultrasonic Research (USR PROMO)

Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – DJs In Full Effect (Brisk remix)
Kniteforce Records (KF059)

DJ Breeze – Jump A Little Higher (Brisk remix)
Infinity Recordings (INFTY003)



DJ Demo – I've Got A Feeling (Brisk & Ham remix)
Next Generation Records (NG004)

DJ Chewy – Rock This Place (Brisk remix)
Universal Records (UNI013)

Blitz, Blaze & Revolution – Outta My Face (Brisk remix)
Fused Up Records (FU010)

DJ Energy – Hardcore Fever (Brisk remix)
Thumbs Up Records (THUMB006)

DJ Seduction – In The Mix (Brisk remix)
Impact Records (IMP060)

DJ Seduction – Samplemania (Brisk remix)
Impact Records (IMP060)


Eruption – Reach Out (Brisk remix)

United Dance Recordings (UD022)


DJ Ham, DJ Demo & Justin Time – Here I Am (Brisk remix)
Just Another Label Premium (JALPR4)

Vinylgroover – Tonight's The Night

The World Of Vinylgroover Part One (Alpha Projects ALPHALP3)



Scott Brown & Rab-S – Now Is The Time (Brisk remix)
Evolution Records (EVRMX 15)

Force & Styles – Harmony (Brisk remix)
UK Dance (UKD009)

Eruption – Let The Music (Brisk remix)
United Dance Recordings (UD012)

Happy Rollers – '95 Style (Brisk remix)
Universal Records (UN011)

Infernus – I Want Your Love (Brisk remix)
Happy Trax (DBM2378)


El Bruto – Watch Me Dance (Brisk remix)
Happy Trax (DBMTRHT 36)

Billy 'Daniel' Bunter – New Sensation (Brisk remix)
Just Another Label (JAL018)

New Motion – Looking For Love (Brisk remix)
UK Dance (UKD004)

Ravers Nature – Bring Me Noise (Brisk remix)
Fire Recordings (FIRE126)

Cut & Run – Building Shaker (Brisk remix)
Burning Bush Communications (BBC008)

Brisk – You & Me (Brisk remix)
Kniteforce Special Edition (KFSE 04)

Brisk Vs Rebel Alliance – Floor Friction (Brisk remix)
Stormtrooper Records (ST010A)



Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – Six Days (Brisk remix)
Kniteforce Records (KFA


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