brisk_dj_1 With a distinctive and unparalleled musical dimension; a mastered continuity and a refreshing open- mindedness that is unique Brisk aka Stimulant DJs he proves that he is one DJ whose insightful productions, insatiable passion, natural yet experienced technical prowess is encompassing of a person who has built himself through blood, sweat and tears to rock dance floors internationally. He has persevered to become a well respected figure through every aspect of the dance scene from the underground to the mainstream, by both clubber and artists alike. Hardcore, hard house, hard trance or hard dance, Brisk is a pillar of 21st century dance music, with an exciting ability to help shape and maintain the future journey of the scene.


As he continues his DJ dominance that began three decades ago, one of the busiest DJs of today, moonlighting from DJ Brisk the Hardcore God to Hard Dance heavy 2009_03_14-CustardFactory-HH_(468)weight Stimulant DJs, each weekend he dons the decks and commands the dance floors, Manchester or Melbourne, London or LA, 150 or 20,000 people, whichever, this is one DJ that provides the people with their hard earned weekend escape and good solid dose of dance fuelled serenity!With a heavy tour schedule not unusually covering every corner of the United Kingdom week in week out, Brisk is also in regular demand to grace the turntables and indulge his fanatical crowd across Europe and worldwide.

brisk :
 quick, energetic and active:
– He set a brisk pace and

we struggled to keep up

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DJ Brisk
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DJ Brisk
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DJ Brisk
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