Original Work 1994-2000

Welcome to my discography!

In this section you will find an up to date list of all my original tracks. The vast majority of my work has been released on our own labels, Next Generation , Blatant Beats and Stimulant Records a ndthey have been colour coded below for easy identification. Any tracks that have been released on other labels are listed in blue.

To listen to the tracks click on the PLAY symbol (the small triangle next to the track title). If you like what you hear and would like to purchase please click on the BUY button.

The discography represent many hours spent in various studios over the years and I hope the music brings you as much enjoyment as it has me.




Rapido – Raytracer
Next Generation Album Sampler (NGLPS004AA)


Bang! – Sailaway (Trixxy remix)
Next Generation Album Sampler (NGLPS002A)

Rapido – Inside Beat (DJ Fade remix)
Next Generation Album Sampler (NGLPS002A)


Brisk & Fade – Mindblowin'
Blatant Beats (BB022A)

Brisk & Fade – Do It Like This
Blatant Beats (BB022AA)


Stealth – Love, Life & Happiness (Brisk's mix)
Blatant Beats (BB019A)


Cyberdrive – 2 For The Time
Stimulant Records (STIM011A)

Cyberdrive – Firewire
Stimulant Records (STIM011AA)


Stimulant DJs – Non Stop Energy
Stimulant Records (STIM010A)

Stimulant DJs – Floorburner
Stimulant Records (STIM010AA)


Dropzone – Good & Bad
Stimulant Records (STIM008A)

Dropzone – Yes Yes Y'all
Stimulant Records (STIM008AA)


Stimulant DJs – Hoovertime
Tidy Trax (TIDY142T)

Stimulant DJs – Hoovertime (Captain Tinrib remix)
Tidy Trax (TIDY142T)


Brisk & Vinylgroover – Smooth & Irresistable (A.B.H remix)
The World Of Obsession Recordings (TWO-27M2)




Brisk & Vinylgroover – Freedom 2 Dance (Triple J remix)
Next Generation Records (NG020A)

Brisk & Vinylgroover – Don't Give A Damn (Justin Time remix)
Next Generation Records (NG020AA )


Double Dutch – Make 'Em Bounce
Blatant Beats (BB018A)

Double Dutch – Cubic '99
Blatant Beats (BB018AA)


Stealth – Flower Needs The Rain (Brisk's Ruffa mix)
Blatant Beats (BB015AA)


Rapido – Ultraviolet
Blatant Beats (BB0 12A )

Rapido – Witness Da Strength (Brisk & Trixxy mix)
Blatant Beats (BB012AA)


Stealth – See Me Climb (Brisk's Electro Flavour mix)
Blatant Beats (BB011AA)


Stimulant DJs – Outer Limits
Stimulant Records (STIM008A)

Stimulant DJs – No Other
Stimulant Records (STIM008AA)


Cyberdrive – Gravity
Stimulant Records (STIM005A)

Cyberdrive – One, Two
Stimulant Records (STIM005AA)


Dropzone – Terminate
Stimulant Records (STIM002A)

Dropzone – Aquaplane
Stimulant Records (STIM002AA)


Landslide – Eurosis
Stimulant Records (STIM001A)

Landslide – Rhythm & Flow
Stimulant Records (STIM001AA)


Brisk & Trixxy – Eyeopener (Brisk 1999 remix)
Slammin Vinyl (RAR018A)

Brisk & Trixxy – Goodbye Summertime
Slammin Vinyl (RAR018AA)




Brisk & Vinylgroover – Rainfall Down
Next Generation Records (NG016A)

Brisk & Vinylgroover – Checkin' Da Cutz
Next Generation Records (NG016AA)


Bang! – Sailaway (Hard As Fock Mix)
Next Generation Records (NG012A)


Brisk – On & On (Slipmatt remix)
Next Generation Records (NG010A)


Brisk & Trixxy – Eurolove
Slammin Vinyl (RAR017A)

Brisk & Trixxy – Bring Down The Place
Slammin Vinyl (RAR017AA)


Brisk & Trixxy – Take My Love
Slammin Vinyl (RAR018A)

Brisk & Trixxy – Thunder & Rain
Slammin Vinyl (RAR018AA)





Brisk & Vinylgroover – Freedom 2 Dance
Next Generation Records (NG007A)

Brisk & Vinylgroover – Don't Give A Damn
Next Generation Records (NG007A)


Rapido – Insomaniak
Next Generation Records (NG006A)

Rapido – Inside Beat
Next Generation Records (NG006AA)


Brisk & Trixxy – Eyeopener
Slammin Vinyl (RAR015A)

Brisk & Trixxy – I Need Somebody
Slammin Vinyl (RAR015AA)



Brisk & Trixxy – Tell Me The Way
Slammin Vinyl (RAR013A)

Brisk & Trixxy – Together
Slammin Vinyl (RAR013AA)


Brisk & Trixxy – Rok Da Beat
Stompin Choonz (ST020A)

Brisk & Trixxy – Everybody Down
Stompin Choonz (ST020AA)


Brisk & Trixxy ft. Rachel & Bon – True Desire
Just Another Label Premium (JALPR7A)


Brisk & Trixxy – Back To The Top
Just Another Label Premium (JALPR7AA)




Quicksilver – What Is A Beat?
Next Generation Records (NG002A)

Quicksilver – Get On Up
Next Generation Records (NG002AA)


Brisk – On & On
Next Generation Records (NG001A)


Brisk Vs Rebel Alliance – Party Pumper (Billy Bunter & D-Zyne remix)
Stormtrooper Records (ST012)

Brisk Vs Rebel Alliance – Adrenalin Flowing (DJ Ham remix)
Stormtrooper Records (ST012)


Brisk – Airhead (SMD remix)
Kniteforce Records (KF041)

Brisk – Airhead (Ham S.E remix)
Kniteforce Records (KFLP002)




Brisk – You & Me (remix)
Kniteforce Special Edition (RKFSE04)


Brisk – Airhead
Remix Records (REC009)

Brisk – Thru The Knite
Remix Records (REC009)


Brisk Vs Rebel Alliance – Floor Friction (Brisk remix)
Stormtrooper Records (ST010A)

Brisk Vs Rebel Alliance – Just Can't Stop (Hixxy remix)
Stormtrooper Records (ST010AA)


Brisk Vs Rebel Alliance – Adrenalin Flowing
Stormtrooper Records (ST007)

Brisk Vs Rebel Alliance – Party Pumper
Stormtrooper Records (ST007)


Brisk Vs Rebel Alliance – Floor Friction
Stormtrooper (ST003)

Brisk Vs Rebel Alliance – I Just Can't Stop
Stormtrooper (ST003)



Brisk – You And Me
Remix Records (REC007 )

Brisk – Make It Ruff
Remix Records (REC007 )


Brisk & Intense – Get Live
Man From Uncle Records (MFU002)

Brisk & Intense – Muffdiver
Man From Uncle Records (MFU002)


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UPDATE: I just spent over an hour on the phone with a Twitch representative. They explained several things to me that I had not considered. This person is also a streamer and fully understands the complexities involved. It was a refreshingly honest conversation and highlighted many things. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders. There is still some uncertainty in terms of monetary splits; however, there are also benefits attached to the aforementioned proposals from Twitch. Twitch has identified that DJs are actually the second-highest-income providers on the platform (much to my surprise). While gamers are the highest earners, they make their money from endorsements and sponsorships. Not subs, bits, or donations. And that is where DJs have increased engagement, above and beyond others. A testament to our loyal community. Twitch also proposes that there will be many more opportunities for front page promotion, sponsorship deals, and exposure in light of being an "approved" sector on the platform. Twitch will update within the next two weeks in terms of their music proposal.As I've maintained throughout, time will tell. I am keeping my fingers crossed <3 ... See MoreSee Less
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DJ Brisk
A good sleep can make a world of difference! So, my status yesterday was born out of frustration with the recent announcement by Twitch that they are introducing monetisation for record labels on the platform. I have zero issue with this; in fact, I think it's a good thing. Artistes and labels need to eat after all. However, their communication was vague and ambiguous at best, and it left us streamers asking more questions than providing answers.Twitch implied that DJs would need to select their music from a pre-determined pool of authorised music in order to avoid copyright strikes and potential channel bans. The narrative is that our track selections must come from certain labels, or we are at risk. I, for one, reserve the right to play the music I want to play, not what I'm told is 'ok' to play.Twitch provided no monetary figures, so none of us actually know how much Twitch proposes to charge us. This is the equivalent of being asked to head to work without agreeing to your wage; no one in their right mind would do it. Twitch also stated that no promotional or unreleased music is to be played. This is absurd. How else do you push and promote the promos you are sent? A heavy percentage of my playlist is unreleased music, and my streams and channel are about pushing new music; it always has been (with the exception of Old Skool and classics sets, of course).This music tax (or licensing fee) is solely aimed at DJs on Twitch, but anyone else in any other category can play music on their channel without charge. This is unfair. Music usage is music usage, simple. For context, DJs are in the smallest category on the platform, so to further penalise them with additional costs on top of the huge cuts that Twitch already takes is unjust. For reference, any venue that plays music (clubs, bars, or shops) has to pay a license fee for the right to do so. So consider Twitch a music venue, where it should already have these arrangements in place. To suddenly drop this charge solely on a small group of people on the platform when it should already be in place seems unethical. The only fair way of doing this is a blanket license fee between Twitch and the music industry, and it should be factored into the percentage that Twitch takes from anyone on the platform who has musical content in their channel.So yesterday was not a good day. After pouring blood, sweat, and tears into Twitch for over 5 years to build my channel, this was a real disappointment, not only for me but for many of my fellow streamers and team members. Many conversations were had last night, and I am not alone with my thoughts and concerns. Streaming has become an integral part of my music career. With the challenges I face from living in Australia, it has enabled me to continue to push and promote the music that I love to people around the world, to my long-term fans, and also to new fans and followers discovering me on the platform. Essentially, it gives me an outlet to connect with you all and do what I do best: play music to you. So when Twitch released their very poorly worded statement that left out all of the crucial information, I felt the world on my shoulders with the uncertainty of what would come. I love what I do, which is why I was so upset about the prospect of potentially not being able to afford to carry on.For the record, I have no plans on retiring. My post was emotionally charged and came from a negative headspace. You can't get rid of me that easily; you'll have to put up with me for a while yet! We will have to see what comes next, and I suspect Twitch will need to update and elaborate further as many questions are being asked by many people. Either way, the show must go on :) I'll be streaming on Twitch and Kick this evening, so come through and say hi.See you later ❤ ... See MoreSee Less
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