What a fantastic celebration stream, thank you!

Hey everyone,

I’ve finally managed to come down from the high that was the 30,000 Twitch follower twelve-hour celebration from the weekend, and I wanted to extend a massive thank you to all of you for turning up and partying with me. What a blast it was. That was also my longest ever live set at nearly 13 hours, so I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

A huge, huge thank you for your continued support. It’s been a long five years in the making, but the channel, community, and team are continuing to go from strength to strength, and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved. You are all legends!

There was incredible support from within the Twitch community too, and I’d like to extend my deepest respect to all of my fellow streamers who raided into the stream as follows (please be sure to follow everyone on the list if you’re not already);

Violit_tv // Valdudes // Vlouue // DJMagicMike // DJSlave1 // Databaes // MahetiRecords // DJCatchison // RayInTheCity // D1rtygrooves // Krystal_Ravegirl // DJGundam_ // Alora_Star_ // UndergroundRescueChannel // DJKandicore // OneMancBanned // Militiacell // DJHudaHudia // Thakaree // Sixmore333 // YourStonerMom // ZNoteDrums // KrystaPlaysSounds // FardoeStomper // TabzyRagu // Groooooooooooot // OssumOPossum98 // DJ_Evo_79

I would also like to extend a huge thank you to all of my moderators, most of whom have been with me on my streaming journey from the very beginning. I love you all; 

KenJones // CraigFudge // Kezzkez1 // LianneMurphy // EmzSmith //Lil_Dayz19 // KaroliinaOne //KevinDoo

Ok, we are back online this evening with my weekly Moist Mondays House show. Stop in and say hi if you can. See you all very soon! 

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27 May 2024 All News News