The DJ Brisk Group community mix project!

So, my awesome Facebook group members have collaborated and come up with a fantastic mix project. Each member has selected 2 tracks, mixed them together and then passed it onto the next member/DJ to add their 2 tracks and so on. The final result is fantastic! Don’t just take my word for it, check out the track listing below and jump on the mix.

DJ Hi-Amps (Andy Hiams)

1. 2 Dam Tuff-Ruff Muff
2. Sharkey-Revolution part 1.

DJ Timmy B (Tim Burns)

3. Force Mass Motion-Panic (Druid & Hixxy Remix) [Tom Heist Remake]
4. Neuron-CoCos Theme (Gordon Tennant Remix)

Mixx-Matt (Matt Clarke)

5. Thrust-Thrust
6. Stu J & UFO – Positron Space Anthem Part 2

DJ Speed (Stefan Jowett)

7. Two Terrorists-Welcome to Jurassick Park
8. OTT-Raw (DJ Paul Mix)

DJ Himoko (Steve Warnett)

9. DJ Paul Elstak-Boom Boom (Whoo)
10. DJ Isaac –Fuckin’ Boots

DJ Nish (Dayne Keale)

11. Fuck The Bitch-Revolution Team
12. It Never Fucking Happens-DJ Psycangle

DJ Traxx (Peter Rose)

13. Brisk + Al Storm VS Rob IYF & Nobody – Everybody In The Place (Drowning)

More mixes to follow. Watch this space…

To join the group and get involved click HERE

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27 March 2019 All News News