The DJ Brisk Group community mix project. Part Four!

The DJ Brisk Community Group Mix Part 4 is here!

My awesome Facebook group members have collaborated yet again and delivered the goods once more. Each member has selected 2 tracks, mixed them together and then passed it onto the next member/DJ to add their 2 tracks and so on. The final result is fantastic!

To join the group and get involved head here: www.facebook.com/groups/DJBrisk/

Track listing:

Chris Pursuit Murrey (DJ Pursuit)
1. Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter, D-zyne & Rob Vanden – Let yourself go
2. DJ x-cess & DJ Fade – Ready to fly

Andy Hiams (Andy Hi-Amps)
3. Vinylgroover – Love to be (Fade and Vinylgroover remix)
4. Ramos, Supreme and Sunset Regime – Gotta believe (Force and Styles remix)

Stephen Carter
5. Scott Brown Vs DJ dell – Inferno
6. DJ Energy – How low can you go

Matt Clarke
7. DJ Hixxy – Thumper
8. DJ Hixxy and Bananaman – Forever

Peter The-Traxx Rose (DJ Traxx)
9. Antisocial – Forever Young (remix)
10. Force and Styles – Apollo 13

Pete Shillabeer feat. Andy Hi-Amps
11. Stompy & Flyin – Come and follow me (Evolve remix)
12. Spree – Neverending hardcore

Jack Halliday
13. Mindtrust – Ravers Groove
14. Brothers on the 4th Floor – Come take my hand (K&A extended raveblast mix)

Simon Freedom Jephson (DJ Freedom)
15. Terrible Twins – Burn this joint (Tekno Dred and Helix remix)
16. Druid and Energy – Future dimensions

Luke Brady (DJ Brady)
17. Jimmy J and Cru-L-T – Djs in full effect (Brisk remix)
18. Scott Brown – Rockin Strong

Graham Jenkins (One Seventy Out)
19. Brisk and Ham – On and On
20. The Vampire – Teknostorm (Sharkey remix)

Albert Gomez (DJ Greenheart)
21. DJ Kaos – Hold me now 2000
22. Costa Pantazis and Gerry Arden – Arden Up (Slipmatt remix)

Colin Hargreaves
23. Menace and USD – Hardcore vibes
24. Sharkey and Druid – Enuff

Kenny Bridges
25. DJ Dougal – The hornz
26. Storm – Get busier

Michael Maunder (DJ Mini)
27. Walford Project – Come on
28. Eruption – Reach out (Brisk remix)

Stephen Warnett (DJ Himoko)
29. DJ DNA – Reality (Justin Time remix)
30. DJ Unity – Freedom (DJ Ham stomp mix

Christian Nadin (Chris Neon)
31. The Three Amigos – Find a way
32. SL2 – On a ragga tip ’97 (Slipmatt remix)

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