The DJ Brisk Group Community Mix Project – Part Five!

So, my awesome Facebook group members have collaborated and come up with a fantastic mix project. Each member has selected 2 tracks, mixed them together and then passed it onto the next member/DJ to add their 2 tracks and so on. The final result is fantastic!

To join the group and get involved head here: www.facebook.com/groups/DJBrisk/

The content for the fifth instalment was based on a group vote with the genre of ‘Quosh Records Tribute’ winning outright. Check out the track listing below and jump on the mix:

Stephen Carter

  1. Asa and S1 feat. Lou Lou – Makin me wanna dance (DJ Kurt remix)
  2. Sy and Unknown – Bring me round to love (Scott Brown remix)

Matt Clarke

  1. Cheddar – Vol 3
  2. Cheddar – Vol 4

Michael Graham

  1. Sy and Unknown – Aural illusion (remix)
  2. Sy and Unknown feat Lou Lou – Dancing in the shadows

Michael Maunder

  1. Sy and Unknown – Listen to the ace
  2. Sy and Unknown – What is a DJ

Andy Hiams

  1. Sy and Demo – Devotion
  2. Sy and Unknown – Product of the Devil (2006 remix)

Chris Murrey

  1. The Vampire – Tecknostorm (Sharkey remix)
  2. AKA – The nuttiest sound

Graham Jenkins

  1. Sy and Unknown – Gonna get ya (Original mix)
  2. Expression and GBH – Night time (Sy and Unknown remix)

Kenny Watson

  1. Sy and Unknown – Hardcore
  2. Sy and Unknown – Kick it

Luke Brady

  1. Sy and Technikore – Nerve centre
  2. Sy and Technikore – The city is mine

Simon Jephson

  1. Sy and Demo – Kiler (Robbie Long remix)
  2. Ikon – Love somebody (Demo remix)

Andrew Walczewski

  1. Sy and Unknown – Dreadland Remix
  2. Sy and Demo – Tears run cold

Joel Stockwell

  1. DJ Kurt – Rock ya hardcore (Original mix)
  2. Ian Van Dahl – Inspiration (Sy and Unknown remix)

Mark Bayliss

  1. Sy and Unknown – Make it Bounce (Joey Riot remix)
  2. Sy and Al Storm – Do you love hardcore
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