The DJ Brisk Group community mix project. Part Two!

So, my awesome Facebook group members have collaborated and come up with a fantastic mix project. Each member has selected 2 tracks, mixed them together and then passed it onto the next member/DJ to add their 2 tracks and so on. The final result is fantastic! 

The content for the second instalment was based on a group vote with the genre of ‘Bouncy Techno’ winning outright. Check out the track listing below and jump on the mix.


Track listing:

DJ Stephen Carter
01. The Scotchman – Happy Vibes
02. Bass D & King Matthew – Its like a dream

DJ Traxx (Peter Rose)
03.DJ Ten – Rock the discotek (10% Vol mix)
04. Enfusia – Enfusia Anthem

DJ Jack Halliday
05. Mindtrust – Ravers Groove (Scarface hardcore mix)
06. DJ Weirdo & Phil Omannski – Young Birds (Original mix)

DJ Colin H (Colin Hargreaves)
07. DJ Issac – The Hardway
08. Dentraxx Vol 1 – The lost Denz

DJ Timmy B (Tim Burns)
09. Trixxy – See the stars (Haze remix)
10. Technohead – I wanna be a hippy (Speedfreak remix)

One Seventy Out (Graham Jenkins)
11. Bass & Genaside – Tooty Frooty
12. Scott Brown – Hardcore Power

DJ Himoko (Steve Warnett)
13. DJ Alex – In control
14. Baba Nation – Jesus words

DJ Speed (Stefan Jowett)
15. Forze DJ Team – One to the Two
16. DJ Rob – DJ Robs 20 seconds

DJ Dan Walker
17. Diss Reaction – Jiiieehaaaa
18. Technosis – Rushbins

DJ Nish (Dayne Keal)
19. The Stunned Guys – F*cking Sweat
20. Bertocucci Fernanzo – XTC love

DJ Michael Maunder
21. Frank E & Mars L – Get loaded
22. Necromancers – Till the last sucker drops

DJ Mixx-Matt (Matt Clarke)
23. Chosen Few – All you motherf*ckers
24. Frank E and Mars L – Dream On

DJ Hi-Amps (Andy Hiams)
25. Charlie Lownoise & Mental Theo – Your smile (Happy Hardcore edit)
26. DD Zion – Blue Sky (There is no law mix)

More mixes to follow. Watch this space…

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