Team Brisk Streamer Of The Week: Gypsy Kid

We are heading to the west coast as we bring you our latest Team Brisk Streamer Of The Week with the legendary Gypsy Kid!

Where are you from and where are you living now?

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. From Chicago I ended up in Florida, Tennessee, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.  Now I’m finally rooted here in Oakland, California. 

How did you come up with your DJ name? 

After High School, I decided to travel and explore the world outside of the town I grew up in. People started calling me the Gypsy kid and the name just stuck.
What’s your equipment list?

DJ gear:
1 x Pioneer XDJ ZX controller
2 x Technics 1200 MKII turntables
1 x Pioneer DJM-750Mk2 mixer
1 x SM58 Microphone

PC build:
AMD Ryzen™ R7-5700G (8-Core) Processor
16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM
2TB Hard Drive + 500GB NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive
Where did your musical journey begin?

I grew up in the iconic Chicago House scene. So I was always surrounded by DJs and Electronic Music. In my youth I studied piano and violin but around middle school I was given my first set of turntables. I would practice everyday and spend any money I made at the local record shops. I knew early on that music would always be a part of my life. 

What made you decide to take up DJing?

A friend of mine started sharing mix tapes with me in the early rave days. I remember listening to my first Drum & Bass tape by Danny the Wild Child. I was hooked by the sounds and groove. I looked up to a lot of the local djs at that time and admired that they were the life of these parties.  The Chicago scene inspired me to become a DJ and I wanted to share the music I love. 

What are some of your interests/hobbies/passions outside of streaming/DJing?

Being a Dad has changed my life, so the kids come first over everything. I love spending time with the family and watching the children grow and learn. 

I truly enjoy community building whether online or through local events. Bringing people together through music and arts. Promoting events and helping up and coming DJs get a foot in the door. 

Any free time I get, I work on Music productions and building virtual worlds in the Metaverse. 

When did you start streaming on Twitch?

I started streaming on twitch around March of 2020, right as the pandemic started. I was streaming on other platforms but I quickly fell in love with the community on Twitch.

Is there anything you really hope to accomplish in your life, whether it be related to music or not?

Moving into the future with music, I would like to keep working and growing as a producer and DJ. Hopefully be able to perform large scale events and do small tours with friends. My overall life goal is to be there for my Children and help them with their journey.

Who are some of your favorite streamers? Why?

First up would be the 916junglists channel with Billy Lane. Billy Lane has created a place for all junglists to hangout and meet new people within the Twitch platform. Providing a party atmosphere on Fridays with Taco Rewind, building a community and showcasing DJs on Saturday with Inside the ride but also keeping us updated with new and advanced technology on Wednesday with DJs not DJing. 

Second would be EtownJunglist. Such an amazing streamer and brings such positive vibes to my mornings. It’s become my everyday check in with everyone and he always brings the heat with track selections.  

What is your favorite genre to play? Why?

My all time favorite genre to play is Jungle! Something about that amen break that always grabs my attention. I respect and play a lot of different genres, but Jungle stood out to me because it was the Punk Rock of Electronic Music. It has that hard hitting drums with the soul lifting basslines. It puts me in a happy mood every time. 

What are some of the most memorable events you’ve participated in or streamed?

The most memorable event was performing on one of the very first twitch group events called Lock-In Restival. It was a 3 day event with DJs from all around the world. I remember having to play right after Brisk. I was so nervous but had such a good time! 

What does Team Brisk mean to you?

Team Brisk is a family of talented and dedicated streamers hand picked by Brisk himself. It has been an honor to be on a team with so many amazing people. Everyone is so supportive and non-judgmental. We are here to help each other grow! 

What’s your favourite thing about DJing on Twitch?

My favorite thing about DJing on Twitch is first the community. I’ve met so many new friends that share the same taste in music as me. Also being able to stay connected during hard and difficult times. 

What is a challenge you’ve faced as a DJ/streamer?

Some days I hit a wall with streaming and it can be very challenging for me. I need to remind myself  to not worry about viewer numbers or trying to keep up with other streamers. I try to remind myself it’s ok to take breaks and get rest when needed. 

Do you have any special projects, streams or events you would like to tell us about?

Holding down the late night crew every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 10pm pacific time on twitch. You can also catch me co-hosting Inside the Ride with the 916 Junglists crew every Saturday at 9:16pm Pacific time. Also keep a look out on Bandcamp for our releases with Rhythmic Remedies

Is there anyone you’d like to shout out and/or thank?

Big shoutout to Brisk for being an amazing DJ and providing us with a place to grow. Much love to all the Twitch viewers that support us and hangout every day. Big up to all the Twitch moderators for keeping all the channels safe and fun. 

Give us your links!

Discord:  GypsyKid#401

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