Team Brisk Streamer of the Week: Andrew Fetch

This week, we are travelling to Tennessee, USA, to visit with Andrew Fetch, a self confessed Techno enthusiast and specialist. To find out more, keep reading!

Where are you from and where are you living now (if different)

Originally from North Carolina, USA. Now living one state over in Tennessee.

How did you come up with your DJ name?

After some years of trying a couple DJ aliases, I decided to go wtih my real name.

What’s your equipment list?

3 Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2, Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer, Boss DD-8 delay & RV-6 reverb pedals.

Where did your musical journey begin?

I think music has always been ingrained in my DNA, coming from a very music oriented family. My dad was in the music business for many years, my mom played various instruments and sang and was a music therapist, and my older sister has always been a singer since she could speak. Something about rhythms and hitting things loudly with sticks (lol) really drew me to drums and percussion at a very early age. I got my first and only drumset when I was about 12 years old. I learned how to play mostly by ear, putting my favorite CDs in the boombox (at the time it was bands like 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink-182, Greenday, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit… you get the idea) and blasting through my headphones as I tried to play along. Growing up, I was always involved in all types of bands in and outside of school. Everything from concert band, jazz, reggae, marching band, indie rock, funk/fusion, I was always being exposed to all these different kinds of music and learning how to play drums to them. I really think being involved with all of this and constantly listening to lots of various genres of music helped shape me as an artist.

What made you decide to take up DJing?

Being introduced to the new Skrillex EP, Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites, for the first time in 2010.

What are some of your interests/hobbies/passions outside of streaming/DJing?

Making music. I started learning production using Ableton in 2020 alongside starting up on Twitch around the same time. Since then, production has been off and on, but these days I’m refocusing to put more time into making original music. Another music related hobby/passion would be playing drums, and I am working on integrating the kit into some streams alongside DJing. Outside of music, my wife and I enjoy spending time with our two aussie shepherd mix doggos, Remy and Bishop. Also, I enjoy eating pizza at any and all times.

When did you start streaming on Twitch?

April of 2020.

Is there anything you really hope to accomplish in your life, whether it be related to music or not?

I hope to release original music on labels both big and small. Just striving for quality music with quality labels. If I can make such an impact in people’s lives through music, provoking emotions both happy and sad, getting lost in the moment feeling every frequncy, or just changing someone’s day around for the better, that’s the biggest accomplishment I will always strive for. Traveling within and outside of the states for various DJ gigs is high up there on the list as well.

Who are some of your favourite streamers? Why?

SympulsMusic, Shades_of_Day, DJJustinNeal, dj_mia_maya, DjAmber_D, DavidTurnerMusic. These are my favourite streamers because each one of their streams are top quality and you can tell they have all put in countless hours of work to provide the best possible experience for their audience. I also love that none of them stay within certain parameters of their comfort zone, only playing one style or genre of music. These streamers push the boundaries in electronic music and inspire me to be a better person and DJ. Spending the smallest amount of time in any one of their streams, one will instantly notice these people’s talents, kindness, and quality music make the whole Twitch experience a worthwhile escape from reality.

What is your favourite genre to play? Why?

Techno. It has a large range of tempos to consider, so whatever I’m feeling at the moment it can be slow or fast techno. It still has that driving four to the floor kick pattern, so it is danceable, but as the DJ maestro I also see it as a challenge to keep it interesting and mix in creative ways, whether it’s subtle changes or abrupt mood shifts. With this genre, especially hypnotic techno, I feel that it’s not just one track that gives the dancefloor energy, but the mix and atmosphere it provides as a whole. The feeling is not really something you can define within the first few seconds of a song, but more about experiencing how multiple songs are infused together to achieve that feeling of getting lost in the music.

What are some of the most memorable events you’ve participated in or streamed?

The 17, 24, and 25 hour marathons were certainly the least memorable, memorable streams!
Getting to open for such acts over the years such as Big Gigantic, The Crystal Method, Emancipator Ensemble, Nadastrom, Crissy Criss, and Spinscott will always hold a special place in my heart.

What does Team Brisk mean to you?

The team is a group of like-minded streamers and artists who are not only showcasing their own talents on stream, but more importantly they are supporting and building up their fellow teammates. Whether it’s questions about tech issues or just going to another member of the team for personal advice, this team is all about community support and helping eachother out. We are all streamers and humans behind the camera at the end of the day, so having others there for you for the highs and the lows is what Team Brisk is all about.

What’s your favourite thing about DJing on Twitch?

The abilty to play what I want when I want and knowing people will be there having a good time really puts a smile on my face every stream day. Having that support along with the real-time feedback through text and emotes means so much to me.

What is a challenge you’ve faced as a DJ/streamer?

With streaming and DJing, you’re always having to learn new things and troubleshoot problems with all this technology and software being used. Over the years, I’ve learned to ask for help. If not a fellow DJ or streamer friend, then putting in the work and doing the research to figure things out. But chances are there’s someone out there who’s run into the same issue you’re having, so just reach out to someone. I remember some 11 years ago getting a gig and playing on CDJs for the first time. I didn’t really know what I was doing and didn’t think to ask, but I showed up with my USB drives that I had literally dragged and dropped a handful of songs onto and called it a day. Then of course when it comes time to DJ and I select tracks they’re analyzing in real time with no waveform to go off of, BPMs jumping up and down trying to get a read, no folders or category organization, meanwhile beatmatching is near impossible… but somehow I survived that night and got through the set. After that, a friend told me about Rekordbox and how the tracks should be analyzed through that program first before exporting the songs to USB. After learning that, playing my next gig was way less stressful! That’s why I like to reach out or send a message when I come across new DJs and/or streamers just starting out. I want them to know I’ve been in their shoes and lived through the trials and tribulations and there’s always a helping hand if needed.

Do you have any special projects, streams or events you would like to tell us about?

I am working on a self released EP of unfinished projects and past sketches that need wrapping up. After this is released for free, I will start working on some original material and see where it goes from there!

Is there anyone you’d like to shout out and/or thank?

I’d just like to give a special shoutout for the Twitch viewers and supporters who have been there since the streams in 2020 and are still here today! You know who you are and I love you all so much. And to everyone else who supported this journey over the years and have pushed me to become a better streamer and DJ every. single. day.. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for believing in me and my vision.

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