Next Generation Records win best podcast award!

Next Generation won the award for ‘best podcast & radio show’ at the 2010 Hardcore Heaven Awards last night!
We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everyone who voted for us in this category. Apart from the download statistics, we never really knew just how popular the podcast had become but it’s fantastic to know that the 18 months of hard work we’ve put in to the show is appreciated!
A massive thanks must go out to all of the guest artists who have kindly donated their time and music to the show, thus helping it to shine.
If you haven’t heard the show then please take the time to check it out. It’s a free download and you can grab the latest episode (and all previous shows) by visiting this link:
Here’s a list of all of the shows including guest artists too:
Episode Eighteen: 28th September 2010
Special guests Breeze (UK) & Tommyknocker (IT)
Episode Seventeen – 24th August 2010
Special guests DJ Haze (Aus) & DJ Panic (NL)
Episode Sixteen – 8th July 2010
Special guest DJ S3RL(Aus)
Episode Fifteen – 5th June 2010
Special guest Joey Riot (UK)
Episode Fourteen – 11th March 2010
Special guests Kevin Energy (UK) & Art Of Fighters (IT)
Episode Thirteen – 31st March 2010
Special guest The Viper (NL)
Episode Twelve – 4th March 2009
Special guests Sy & Unknown (UK) & Evil Activities (NL)
Episode Eleven – 20th January 2009
Special guest Marc Smith (UK)
Episode Ten – The Xmas Special: 23th December 2009
Special guest Endymion (NL)
Episode Nine: 17th December 2009
Special guest DJ Ham (UK)
Episode Eight: 30th October 2009
Special guest Kutski (UK)
Episode Seven: 29th September 2009
Special guest Al Storm (UK)
Episode Six: 25th August 2009
Special guests Supreme & UFO (UK)
Episode Five: 29th July 2009
Special guest Luna C (UK)
Episode Four: 26th June 2009
Special guest Gammer (UK)
Episode Three: 22nd May 2009
Special guest Darwin (UK)
Episode Two: 30th April 2009
Special guest Pilgrim (UK)
Episode One: 24th March 2009
Brisk & Fracus (pilot show)

All that remains to be said is, LISTEN & ENJOY!
Much love,

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