DJ Brisk CD mix coming soon on Knite Force Records

Howdy guys, 

Knite Force Records will be releasing a brand new album on limited edition triple vinyl and also on CD (with an exclusive DJ mix from yours truly).

The album contains no less than 24 brand new cuts and remixes from all your Knite Force, Knite Breed and Knite Force Again favourites including; 

Luna C, Saiyan, Hyper On Experience, DJ Ham, Liquid, The Timespan, Shadowplay, Alex Jungle, Alk-E-D, Paul Bradley, Sunny & Deck Hussy, Clayfighter, Doughboy, Audio X, Timme, Mannik, Gothika Shade, Demcore, Ant To Be, Wislov, M-Project, Shoreman, Empyreal, Scartat, DJ Jedi, Idealz, TNO, Darwin and a brand new Sanxion remix of ‘Airhead’ too! 

I’m really excited about being a part of this project as I have a long standing history with Knite Force, being one of the first labels I released music through!

More news to follow but head over to www.kniteforcerevolution.com for all things Knite Force.

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17 July 2018 All News News