Brisk scoops a title at the Hardcore Heaven Awards!

Brisk wins best Hardcore Techno DJ 2009 at the Hardcore Heaven Awards

Brisk picked up the title of ‘Best Hardcore Techno DJ’ at the 2009 Hardcore Heaven Awards.
Brisk would like to extend his very special thanks to all of the fans who voted for him this year and is still ‘in shock’ with the win!
With 5 minutes left in my set MC Wotsee approached me to tell me I had to stop the music to announce an award winner. If I’m honest, I was actually quite frustrated because I only had a 45 minute slot and really didn’t want to stop so close to the end of my set. I thought ‘why can’t they wait until the end of my performance to announce the winner?!’. I begrudgingly killed the music so MC Storm could announce the award and my jaw hit the floor when he announced my name! It was very surreal experience and definitely not expected. Wotsee handed me the microphone to say a few words and for once in my life I couldn’t think of anything to say! I’d like to thank everyone who voted, it really means a lot to have your efforts rewarded by the public. Thank you all SO much!
Here’s the award itself:

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6 March 2013 News