Brand new mix to check out right here!


Just dropping you a quick line to tell you about a new mix of mine whilst simultaneously learning how to post content of my spiffing new website thingy.

Entitled 'Electro Flavours', this mix is a journey through various Electro House tracks with a splash of Breakbeat thrown in here and there for good measure. It's not the typical Hardcore or Hard Dance workout that you've come to expect from me, but it does retain the fun, peak time party vibe that I try to convey with each set that I play.

You can download or stream the mix directly from this site or alternatively, you can grab it from my Soundcloud page.

NOTE: If you choose the Soundcloud route, please be sure to leave me some feedback by way of a comment. Thanks!

Listen, enjoy and catch you soon.

All the best,


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3 May 2013 All News