7 new mixes added to the archive!

The Brisk mix archive continues to expand with the further addition of 7 new sets for your listening pleasure.
This brings the total number of free mixes online to a tasty 179!


Brisk & Wotsee @ HTID Vs Uproar, Custard Factory, March 2010

Brisk & Scott Brown with MC Wotsee @ Global Energy, March 2010
Brisk & MC Wotsee @ Tranzmission, London, April 2010
(all located in ‘LIVE RECORDINGS 1’ section)

Brisk @ Uprising, April, 1995

Brisk @ Revolution Reunion, 1998

(all located in ‘LIVE RECORDINGS 2’ section)

Brisk – Headfast and Furious Part 1, Techno mix, 1994

Brisk – Headfast and Furious Part 2, Techno mix, 1994
(both located in ‘STUDIO MIXES’ section)

Listen, download and enjoy!



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5 March 2013 News