2 new tracks added + Soundcloud details

3 more fresh tracks you to check out!
Check the music player at the top right of the page as the following 2 tracks have now been added:
Brisk & Fracus – Make The Crowd Jump (forthcoming on Next Generation or Blatant Beats) A high paced Hardcore workout loaded with uplifting piano and female vocals. Modern production with an Old Skool style and flavour!
Stimulant DJs – Hard Like Thunder (forthcoming on Tidy)
Brisk & Ham don their Hard Dance trousers and deliver a peak time party banger under their Stimulant DJs guise. Forthcoming on the legendary Tidy label
If you have a Soundcloud account you can also check out various audio clips from me (plus submit demos of your own) HERE
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5 March 2013 News