10 new mixes added to the mix archive!

The UKs biggest single artist Hardcore DJ mix archive goes from strength to strength as another 10 mixes go live for FREE download.

This brings the total number of free mixes online to a MASSIVE 204!!

Brisk @ North 14th Birthday (1990s Dutch set)
11th February 2011


Brisk & Robbie Long @ Summer Sensation, Skegness 2002

(all located in 'LIVE RECORDINGS 1' section HERE)

Brisk @ Helter Skelter, The Final Countdown, 1997

Brisk @ Helter Skelter Vs Compulsion: Metropolis, 1997

Brisk @ Hardcore Heaven, The Live Showcase, 1997

Brisk @ Pleasuredome, 5th Birthday, 1997

Brisk @ Diehard, Hardcore Happiness 1997

Brisk @ Dreamscape 26 (Techno to Hardcore set), October 1997

Brisk @ Dreamscape 20, September 1995

Brisk @ Kinetic, Vibealite Tour, Stoke On Trent 1994

(all located in 'LIVE RECORDINGS 2' section HERE)

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