10 new mixes added to the mix archive. FREE downloads here!

The UKs biggest single artist Hardcore & Hard Dance DJ mix archive goes from strength to strength as another 10 mixes go live for FREE download.

This brings the total number of free mixes online to a HUGE 243!!


Brisk & MC Frikshon, Westfest, Oct 2011

Brisk @ United Dance Vs Fever, July 2001

All located in ‘LIVE RECORDINGS 1’ section HERE

Brisk @ Hardcore Heaven, Independence Day, 1998

Brisk @ Slammin Vinyl, Bagleys, 1998

Brisk b2b Vinyltrixta, Dreamscape 29,1998

Brisk @ Club Kineitc, Helter Skelter Tour, January 1996

Brisk @ Helter Skelter, The Odyssey, 1996

Brisk @ United Dance, September 1996

Brisk @ United Dance, October, 1995

All located in ‘LIVE RECORDINGS 2’ section HERE

Happy Hardcore Foundation Vol 3 – 2000

Located in ‘STUDIO MIXES’ section HERE

Download, listen & enjoy!



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19 February 2013 News