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Brisk in 5 categories in the 2012 Hardcore Heaven Awards!

Wow! Looks like I made it through to the final stages of the voting for the following:

  • Best Hardcore DJ
  • Best Hard Techno DJ
  • Best Podcast
  • Best Compilation Album
  • Lifetime Achievement

A HUGE thank you to those of you who voted this year, I really do appreciate it guys. The link for the final round of voting is below.

Good luck to everyone 🙂

Cast your vote HERE (click me)


18 February 2013 News Read more

Exciting relocation announcement!

I've got a little announcement to make to you all.
My wife and I recently came to Australia for an extended visit. We weren't sure how long we were going to stay, although we knew it would be certainly for a few months as a minimum. My wife is from Melbourne and we both love visiting Australia however, each visit would typically last 2-3 weeks and it just was never enough time to see all of our friends and family, especially with interstate gig commitments every weekend.

For a long time, my wife has been wanting to study to become a Paramedic however, this was not an option for her in the UK. We agreed to explore this option further when we reached Australia and see where the land would lie. My wife has since applied and has subsequently been accepted into University to study to become a Paramedic in Melbourne (congrats baby! x).  Because of this, we have both decided to stay in Australia. This means a minimum commitment of at least 3 years.

Obviously this means that I will no longer be living in the UK and therefore playing as many gigs there. I do plan on coming back to the UK to visit friends and family every so often and I will be doing my very best to play as many UK events as I can for my fans during this time.
For the record, I am not planning on retiring from music any time soon. I have simply relocated to another part of the world. My forthcoming artist album is still on track (along with the subsequent digital releases), my website will be upgraded shortly and you can expect the usual free DJ mixes and downloads throughout the year too. Nothing has changed!
Thank you SO much for your continued support and I do hope to see you on the dance floor again soon!
Much love from Australia,
P.S You can still stay in touch with my daily ramblings, thoughts and announcements via Twitter and also Facebook too. Thanks 🙂

15 February 2013 News Read more

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